888 Puzzle Types In The Witness

While playing through The Witness, I noticed an interesting trend in the design of how each different puzzle felt. I don’t know if it was necessarily designed this way, but a more emergent experience I had with the way I interacted with the game.

It felt like there were two types of puzzles. Ones I could currently solve, and ones I couldn’t. Or, more interestingly, puzzles that required solving, and puzzles that required first solving the parameters about how to solve them. Sounds meta, right?

And I guess it was the designer’s job to make sure there weren’t too many of the former type, or the game would feel monotonous and basic. And, not too many of the latter, or obviously the game would be impossible to finish.

There’s a lot to learn here in how he balanced this and how it came together to craft a really unique experience.

[ Today I Was Playing: The Witness and Metro 2033: Redux ]

June 7, 2017

#game-opinion, #puzzle-game