890 Weapon Switching In Shadow Warrior 2

While there were some great things about Shadow Warrior 2 that I will discuss in a future post, the weapon switching was not one of them.

(Speaking about the console version regarding control schemes.)

The way that the weapon switching works was never quite clear to me. I think it’s that if you press a certain button, it swaps between the weapon you are using and the weapon you last used. But, there’s also a slot for a third weapon, which gets replaced with whatever you switch from it, when pressing another button.

How it should have worked… either one button to cycle through the three weapons (not the most efficient, but at least understandable), or three distinct inputs for each weapon slot. These aren’t new ideas, most games do one of these two styles. I think the game was trying to innovate, and ended up just complicating it.

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June 9, 2017