902 Racing Game Lap Mod

A simple game mechanic in a racing game that alters a certain parameter depending on the position each player is in at the end of each lap around a track.

I imagine Mario Kart has some algorithm that does something like this, we’ve all seen players in last place in Mario Kart get the best items to give them a chance to catch up. But, the game doesn’t explicitly tell you it does that, which feels a bit strange.

This would use what position you’re in, and explicitly tell the player what those positions mean. If it’s just 4 people racing, maybe you get a small disadvantage if you’re in 1st, nothing at all if you’re in second, and other specific boosts if you’re in 3rd or 4th.

It might cause racers to tend to stick closer to each other overall, especially toward the end of a lap when the person in 1st might want to give up their position briefly in order to gain a certain boost.

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June 21, 2017

#game-mechanic-system, #racing-game