903 Unsolvable Puzzles

A puzzle game that communicates to the player that sometimes the solution to the puzzle is “there is no solution.” Kind of like the “D) None of the above.” on standard school quizzes, it can sometimes be an interesting challenge for the player to know that there isn’t a solution.

Metroid-vania genre games do this explicitly by showing you some aspect of a room or puzzle that you quite obviously can’t solve yet because you’re missing a certain ability. But, what if the player has all abilities they need theoretically (or there are no “abilities” maybe, depending on what type of puzzle game it is), but a puzzle is designed to be unsolvable (in an interesting way of course). It would require the player to go through many of the same puzzle-solving processes, but to be able to at some point identify that a given puzzle is indeed unsolvable.

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June 22, 2017

#experimental-game, #puzzle-game