904 The Sad Sad Sad FF15 Mobile Game

Today I downloaded the Final Fantasy 15 app “game” that’s on iOS, called “A New Empire.”

It’s so bad. It’s the pinnacle of and everything terrible about a “free to play” game design. Let’s take a brief look at just one of the game’s screens:


In red, we see three different “leveling” systems, in pink there’s a staggering 6 types of currencies, in green are some of the time gated features of the game (there are more than just these 2), and in yellow are a few direct call outs asking the player to spend their currencies.

This from a studio (or at least approved them) that’s responsible for some of game’s most interesting and complex RPGs. I could write an entire dissertation on this screenshot, but instead I’ll just let it speak for itself.

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June 23, 2017

#game-design-topic, #mobile-game