905 ARcook

This seems like an obvious use of AR. I’d love to be able to focus on cooking a dish without constantly looking at my iPad or cook book for advice, or flipping between multiple recipes for more complex meals. Wearing some AR glasses tech that would track my kitchen (maybe it’s something you set up ahead of time so the system knows even better where things are in your kitchen), and help me use proper cutting techniques, measuring, weighing, estimating, timers, and other helpful gadgets.

For example, if the recipe is calling for diced tomatoes, show me an example, to scale, of what “diced” looks like. Or, if it needs 2 cups of diced tomatoes, look at the size of my tomatoes and estimate how many I should cut to get close to 2 cups. Show me heads up timers for multiple things I’ve got going on, or the temperature of my oven if it could be connected and transmitted. Likewise, maybe the temperatures of my pans/pots, if they were “smart” and have sensors in them.

Other simple things could be suggestions on what types of knives to use for certain cutting jobs, or which pans to use. Or, timer suggestions based on the status of a certain cooking element (if it knows the potatoes are going to take 30 minutes, it suggests you start cutting tomatoes now to have them ready when the potatoes are done).

Of course knowing a lot of this is just learning how to cook and being good in the kitchen, but I think some of it could be really helpful, or even at the very least be a good learning tool for new chefs.

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June 24, 2017

#cooking-game, #vr-game