919 Illuminating The Near-Miss

A lot of information goes missed in many fast-paced action games (particularly first person ones), as the player can only be in one place at a time, and only facing one direction.

In theory, imagine a mechanic that allowed the player to see moments from new perspectives, during gameplay moments that would have otherwise been missed. It’s easiest to use first-person shooter genre as a ideation space, because of it’s naturally high adrenaline gameplay:

  • A player throws a grenade off into a distance somewhere and it defeats another player, but couldn’t see it happen. The mechanic would somehow should that moment without disrupting the continued gameplay.
  • Two players run past each other in such a way that neither actually saw the other, and the game could illuminate this in some way
  • Particularly noteworthy action that happened in a separate part of the map than where the player currently is, for example a teammate making a distinctly skillful play
  • A relatively robust but easy-to-use and fast mechanic for showing rewind moments at will

[ Today I Was Playing: Crypt of the Necrodancer and Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition ]

July 8, 2017