935 Better Data Tracking In Diablo 3

Surprisingly, D3 doesn’t have very much metrics tracking during gameplay.

I’d love to see, after a boss specifically, even a small amount of detail about the level/mission or even just overall player stats and contribution to the level.

For example, which abilities used/pressed most, total damage dealt in various different ways, % of damage done on your team, things like that. Some of this might be irrelevant for end game players, but I think for casual players, some of the local per-Act or per-Boss stats could be interesting. For end game, overall game stats could be interesting (the game has some, like how many of a certain enemy are killed, and other simple stats), like total lifetime damage done, or enemies defeated, etc.

Some of it may be overkill, but at least as an Advanced Option to opt in to for players.

[ Today I Was Playing: Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition ]

July 24, 2017