953 Trophy Notifications

Trophies and achievements (“Gamerscore”) can be a fun way to track progress in a game or to add additional challenges for players. That said, I think some developers should be more cautious with how and when they implement trophies and achievements.

A trophy notification popping up is inherently immersion-breaking, and it’s good for developers (and writers) to be aware of that. There are plenty of moments in games where the immersion is already compromised (menus, loading screens, etc), and these times should be prioritized for showing earned trophy notifications.

Examples of unideal times: in the middle of a cut scene or dialogue section, immediately after a cut scene (give the player a chance to digest the narrative information just given to them), during the middle of an intense battle or boss…

These maybe can’t always be avoided, but if taken into account the instances can be mostly reduced.

[ Today I Was Playing: Mass Effect 2 ]

August 11, 2017