981 Stamina And Breathing

Mechanics in horror and survival horror games fascinate me, maybe mostly because it’s not a genre that I ever choose willingly to pick up and play (because I’m terrified). But, many of them do have a lot of interesting narrative and interactive mechanics.

Watching Evil Within streamed recently, I noticed some sort of hint at a stamina/breathing system. I don’t think it was actually there, but something about the animation and sound design made me think of it.

Maybe there could be a mechanic that’s based around stamina (common), and what happens to your breathing as you run out of it. The character might be unable to do certain actions, or in general is significantly louder in the environment, and puts themselves in danger because of it. It could be taken to the extreme, if the character had an affliction like asthma that required an inhaler (which makes some noise), or to stop and catch their breath (making a lot of noise, via wheezing).

[ Today I Was Playing: Iron Marines ]

September 8, 2017