984 The Rhythm Of Gaming

Gaming, and the general cadence of what we play and when, is complex and interesting and nuanced.

It’s not just the hours put into a game or set of games, but how those hours are spread across multiple days and sessions, as well as what time of day it is, and frequency of each game in relation to other games. And, of course, the player’s mental state, mood, ambience of the space, and so on during each session.

I don’t think every single aspect of this needs to be micromanaged for each game that is played. But I do think that thinking of these things in general terms can go a long way in getting the most possible affect out of a given game that it has to offer.

Play intense story-driven games with headphones and when you have plenty of mental energy to devote to them. Play relaxing, simple, or repetitive long-form games during down times, or maybe while watching something else at the same time. Play scary games in the dark. Play immersive games during times when it’s least likely that there will be unexpected distractions.

When picking the next game to play, choose with context. Think about what game genre was last played, or which one is a part of the categories above that will be best supported by upcoming types of free time or situations. Consider what may be most enjoyed, but also what might be most affective, or mentally altering in some way. Go easy on the decision, but don’t go mindless.

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September 11, 2017