997 Favorite Games

Here’s a very incomplete list of my favorite games of all time, as of 2017. I had intended to write descriptions of each, but it turns out that would turn into a massive endeavor. I’ll be making a page in the future that I continually update that has something similar to this, but grows over time and changes. But, for now, in not any super particular order:


Borderlands 2

Valkyria Chronicles

Life is Strange

Dishonored series

Portal 2

XCOM: Enemy Within

Bioshock series


Ni No Kuni

Uncharted series

Person 4 Golden

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Darkest Dungeon

Towerfall Ascension: Dark Tower

Professor Layton series

Fire Emblem Awakening

Tropico 5

Diablo 3

The Witness

The Last of Us

Skyward Sword

Chrono Trigger



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September 24, 2017