999 What's Next!?

So, what happens now that the 1000 posts are over? A few things:

  • The end of the numbering system. There’s no point in prominently displaying the post number at this point. I’ll still put it on the post somewhere to keep track, but somewhere smaller.

  • I will definitely continue game idea generation (in fact, I have about two dozen more ideas that got jotted down at some point but never filled out into a full post). At this point, my brain does it automatically, even if it isn’t quite on a “daily” scale anymore.

  • Updating the website’s visual style. This is long overdue (the site had one nice visual overhaul at some point during the project, but it’s ready for another). This will support the ability for a new page on the site for…

  • A new series, that I think I’m calling Indie Crusade. In this ongoing series, I’ll be exploring the definition of “indie game” through the lens of some of the most popular, and also some of the most obscure, indie games out there. A lot of this will take the form of written word again, focusing on game-by-game explorations of how each fits into the larger spectrum and definition of “indie.” I’ll also be doing some exploration of the micro-indie scene (I have no idea what to call this, and will explore that more over time), of free or nearly-free games on itch.io and other platforms, created by new or niche designers and developers. This might be better explored via video streaming many of these in a single sitting; basically, periodical itch.io streams of the exploration and analyzation of multiple games back to back.

That’s what’s in store!

[ Today I Was Playing: The Flame in the Flood ]

September 26, 2017