005 Beat Slip

In this rhythm game, there’s a persistent and driving down beat playing consistently (the music track). The BPM would be important, and would likely determine the difficulty of the level. The tiles on the board fall down one space on every beat. Some of the colored tiles might drop one space each measure instead, and maybe others yet even slower/faster than that.

The object is to get the tiles lined up with the correct corresponding color before they drop off the edge of the screen. Tiles can be flicked left, right, up, and down into empty spaces. Short normal flicks will move it one space in the direction of the flick, and longer drags will move the tile as far as it can go before running into another tile or the side of the board. Using two or three fingers, it’s possible to move multiple tiles in different (or the same) directions at the same time.

If a dropping tile encounters another tile that is dropping at a slower pace, it will push it downward with it. If a tile slips off the edge in the wrong corresponding color, any chain bonus or score is broken, and the order of the bottom edge colors is shuffled instantly.

There may be introduced a few other mechanics that would shift up the gameplay, such as locked/frozen tiles, the ability to clear similar tiles early, tiles that can be flicked off one side of the board and show up on the other side, or tiles that are wider than one space, and must be rotated before slipping off the edge.

(Inspired by the hit app Threes, and the song Delete by CAPSULE)

beat slip image

January 5, 2015

#music-game, #rhythm-game, #touch-controlled