007 Twelve At Night

This web-based game first checks your ip address to get your location, and then checks the local time. The game can only be played between the hours of 12:00am and 1:00am.

Once navigated to, your browser shows 12 unfilled circles at the top of the screen, a typed question with a blinking underscore in the center, and a thin horizontal line with a blinking cursor at the bottom.

The question is asked in real time, by another person, anonymously. You have limited time and characters to respond. During your response, the delete key is not functional.

Once the question is answered, both the question and answer hang briefly, and then fade out.

The interface swaps, and you are now the question writer. Once your question is penned, click the arrow to send it out into the nether. You will see your response being typed in real time.

The interface continues this back and forth until your 12 dots are filled. It resets again the next night.

twelve at night image

January 7, 2015

#existentialism, #minimalist-game, #social-game, #web-game