026 Another Day

A modern take on Paperboy; a post system or package shipping simulator. You start your career as newspaper delivery boy, and move up to mail sorting for the USPS. Then you’re given your own postal route, eventually a delivery guy position for UPS, and the end game is owning and managing the system/fleet of trucks.

If the first parts of the game prove to be boring ideas (kind of how Spore was), then maybe it’s just the shipping sim/management. But, it might be more like Papers, Please in a way, with a more realistic and story-based focus.

The story might be focused around the decline and eventual shutdown of the physical mail system. Or the story might be more about the person’s home life and struggles, as seen through the lens of their perfectly adequate job and the dissatisfaction with the adequate.

Every time the character’s anniversary at work rolls around, he gets to work, and sighs… “Another year, I guess.”

January 26, 2015

#narrative-game, #simulation-game