366 Retrospective (The Words)

Exactly a year ago, I had this crazy idea to create a new interactive idea each day of the year. I’m happy to report that I made it through the entire year! I didn’t ever doubt that I could do it, despite ideas sometimes being painfully hard to conjure. While sometimes I would wait a few days to actually publish the posts, I consistently thought about and wrote up posts each day of the year.

And it’s definitely paid off. The idea was to get me into the habit of thinking, analyzing, and writing about games and interactivity. It had the inadvertent side effect of becoming a personal journal of sorts, as well as providing some people (very few though!) certain occasional joy to read these posts.

My initial (and continuing) goal has been to do at least 1000 days of this. In honor of my pride for making it through this first year, and as a brief one day respite from this crazy venture, tomorrow I’m going to look back and pick out some of my favorite posts of 2015.

There are a lot of exciting things happening this year, and the interactive idea machine shows no signs of slowing. There’s going to be a notable shift in focus at some point this year, toward more game creation and slightly less ideation. The site has also gone through a major visual overhaul recently, which will get implemented soon. There will also be some feature enhancements, like a function to let me “heart” some of my favorite posts, making it visually easier for newcomers to browse the growing catalog. We’ll also be implementing a search feature and a better bird’s-eye-view page for easier browsing. We may even develop some features to increase user interaction with the posts.

Thanks to everyone (Corey?) who (Kevin!) is reading (Madeleine…) these posts (sorry if I missed anyone) !! Published writing can be a lonely place on the internet, so your company is so greatly appreciated. <3

To another year!


[ Today I Was Playing: Fallout 4 and Victor Vran ]

January 1, 2016